Monday, February 1, 2010

As I Was Saying

I’m no longer shocked when I hear my mother’s words come out of my mouth.
I have learned to accept that it’s just one of those things that happens when you have kids – for better or for worse, you find parts of your mother that make their way into your parenting.

But I am still shocked when I hear my words come out of my children’s mouths. (Usually because the words that make their way out of my children’s mouths are the ones that I’m least proud of.)
At two and a half, Luke has quite an accomplished vocabulary – but there are times it seems much of it (maybe too much on some days) comes from me.

There are ones that are kind of cute (and that show off my good Mommy side): “Good job, Mommy!” or “I did a really good job!” or “I’m a snazzy dude!”

And there are the playful ones: “Okey dokey artichokey” and “See you later alligatordile” (His unique blend of the “later alligator, after while crocodile” routine.

But then there are several that make me cringe (at least a little):
  • When we’re stopped in traffic, he often yells from the back seat: “Come on, peoples!” or “Get out of my way peoples!” Guess I’m a little impatient in the car sometimes. Although, in my defense, I’m glad he spends more time in the car with me than with his dad (whose language when driving is slightly more colorful than mine).

  • Speaking of colorful language, Luke has picked up a couple of colorful phrases. I’ve never been a big swearer, and I’ve made a conscious effort at monitoring my language since I’ve had children. (Okay, if I’m honest, since Ashley was Luke’s age and chose to use a couple of not so nice words.) But, Luke gives me occasional reminders that I need to be a little more vigilant.
  • “Get in time out, NOW.” I may once have worried about Luke’s ability to stand up to Ashley, but he is rapidly showing that he can hold his own with his big sister. He relishes telling her to go to time out – and he has mastered the “I’m so frustrated I’m ready to scream” tone of voice. (Oops...)
  • In the midst of my usual morning routine of herding distractible children to the car, I said to both of them: “Stop playing around and get to the car right now.” Luke turned to me and with a concerned look said “Mommy, are you crazy?” This is because when I get really frustrated at them, I say “you are making me crazy.” (Not my proudest Mommy moment, but it does slip out from time to time.) I guess on that particular morning I was using my “you’re making me crazy” tone of voice.
Oh, the things children teach us. Maybe I should go ponder ways to change my language.

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