Monday, July 5, 2010

A Perfect Day

My baby is not such a baby anymore.

While I've known that for a while, 
the last couple of months have really proved it.

He's almost as tall as his sister -- his head right at her shoulder.

He has real conversations now. . . . and the thought process 
behind those conversations is becoming impressively complex.

He's become quite a little jokester, 
with an amazingly expressive face 
that he uses with great comedic timing.

Today he turned 3
. . . and was quite emphatic about how to spend the day.

First, there had to be birthday cake (a boy after my own heart!)
And, we had to start the day with pancakes -- blueberry pancakes.
And there had to be pizza for dinner. . . and don't forget the cake (with candles, of course.)
And he wanted to play in the pool before dinner.

Then, of course, there were presents 
(which, he was very quick to inform his sister, were not hers.)

There were Toy Story figurines, Hot Wheels cars, 
a Thomas train set -- all big hits.

And, then there was the Thomas the Tank Engine bicycle helmet,
which made him feel very grown up.

And, the tractor with all sorts of sounds,

which was the favorite toy . . . 

. . . until he opened 

and then he was let outside to the garage where the hoop was stored

(Photo from Little Tykes promotional material)

He took one look, and shouted "I'm a basketball player!"
and ran back inside to get the ball.

His technique needs a little work still, 
but I'm keeping my fingers crossed
for a basketball scholarship in 15 years.

Happy birthday, little guy
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