Monday, August 8, 2011

Waiting for the Tooth Fairy

We are waiting for the tooth fairy. . . . well, at least Ashley is.

She has recently discovered a loose tooth, and is quite certain that it will fall out any moment now. (The tooth barely wiggles.)

Tonight she was eagerly munching on an apple, telling me that one of her friends had told her that when you eat an apple, it will make your tooth fall out. (It's going to have to be much looser before the apple makes any difference, but I didn't tell her that.)

She is convinced the tooth fairy will be here any day now. (I'm pretty sure we have some time, but it does make me wonder just how much the tooth fairy leaves these days. . . . and what she does when she has no cash in her purse, only an ATM card.)

Since this will be our first visit from the tooth fairy, Ashley and Luke are still trying to figure out exactly how this tooth fairy thing works anyway. (Which, I must say, makes for interesting dinner conversation.)

Ashley: "You leave your tooth under the pillow and when you wake up, she's under there."

Me: "No, the tooth fairy isn't under your pillow."

Ashley: "No, she leaves you money under there."

Luke: "Does she bring snacks?" (You can tell where his priorities are.)

Ashley: "No, she leaves you money so you can buy toys, lots of toys." (And, you can see where her priorities are -- although she clearly doesn't realize that the tooth fairy is on a budget.)

Luke: "But what about snacks? I want her to bring snacks." (He's on his third helping of green beans as he says this. The boy will need a job before too long in order to satisfy his appetite. . . . the snack fairy is on a budget, too.)

Ashley: "No, Luke, no snacks, only money so you can buy toys."

Luke: "Then I don't want her to come."

Me: "Don't worry Luke, she won't come see you for a couple of years."

Luke: "I don't want her to come see me ever."

Me: "Okay, she doesn't have to come see you if you don't want her to. We'll talk about it when you lose a tooth." (And, if he changes his mind, perhaps I should tell her that a cheese stick and a handful of grapes will be fine for Luke -- none of that money stuff.)

Ashley: "Well, she's going to come see me. What day does she come, Mom?"

Me: "The day you lose your tooth."

Ashley: "But what day is that? Because I want to make my tooth fall out on that day." (That actually makes sense in the mind of an almost 7-year-old. And what's more amazing, it even makes sense when you're the mother of an almost 7-year-old.)

Me: "She doesn't come on any certain day, Ashley. When you lose your tooth, she comes that night, no matter what day it is." (Of course, that means she better have a stash of money available. I don't think Ashley and the ATM card would make a good match.)

As we clear the table after dinner, Ashley informs me that I need to buy more apples so she can make her tooth fall out.

Guess we're all going to figure out how this tooth fairy thing works.

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