Saturday, December 31, 2011

Choosing Excitement

"I'm excited," Luke shouts as he bounds up to give me a hug.

"How come?" I ask.

"Because I want to be!"

Somewhere between 4 and adulthood, we forget that we can decide to be excited just because we want to be.

As we head into a new year, I'm going to remind myself often that I can be excited -- and happy and hopeful and content and grateful -- just because I want to be.

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Explaining Christmas

Amidst all the holiday stuff Ashley brought home, was this, an assignment to explain the three December holidays (Christmas, Hanukkah,and Kwanzaa), which they've been talking about the last week in school:

In case, the 1st grade phonetics are hard for you, here's the translation:
Christmas is about Jesus and having fun with your family and friends. You get presents. And Hanukkah is another holiday. Kwanzaa is too. You put up your decorations like ornaments and wreaths and mistletoe. Love Ashley. 
So she may be a little fuzzy about the meaning behind Hanakkah and Kwanzaa (although she did teach me that Kwanzaa actually started in the United States, not Africa, and she has been singing the dreidel song repeatedly), but I was impressed that presents were third on her list of what Christmas means.

It's hard as a parent to know how well you're imparting your values to your kids -- but looks like we've communicated the meaning behind Christmas pretty well.

Here's hoping that you have lots of opportunity to enjoy family and friends this weekend!

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

10 Sure Signs You're A Mom

1. You find a quiet house just a bit disturbing. (Every mom knows quiet is almost never good.)
2. You can carry on a conversation with stuffed animals, Barbies, cars, dinosaurs, and assorted other toys (and, no, you don't find this odd at all).
3. You've memorized Goodnight Moon, Where the Wild Things Are, and countless other books because you've read them so often (and you're sure that memorizing those has pushed other, more important, details out of your head, which is why you can't find your keys in the morning).
4. You've developed a stomach of steel. A few times cleaning up after sick children or bandaging up bloody boo-boos, and you can handle almost anything.
5. You know the words to the Barney song and several other songs that you really can't stand.
6. You find yourself humming those very same songs at work.
7. You can really see the airplane in the two lopsided circles your 4-year-old has drawn.
8. You've done at least three of those things you swore you were never going to do as a parent, and sometimes you don't even feel bad about it.
9. Your mother's voice has come out of your mouth at least once.
10. You really do have eyes in the back of your head. (Okay, it's really that you're just very, very good at anticipating what your kids are doing -- and, refer back to #1, you know quiet is bad -- but it doesn't hurt if your kids still believe that you just might have magical powers!)

Mama’s Losin’ It
This post was inspired by Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop

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