Friday, July 6, 2012

Reaching A Milestone

My little guy turned 5 yesterday.

I'm not sure why that seems like such a milestone, but it does.

 Maybe it's because even though 
I remember the baby he was, 
I no longer see that baby in him anymore. 

Maybe it's because there are times 
I can look at him 
and get a glimpse of the young man 
he will grow up to be.

Maybe it's because he's moving
out of his sister's shadow
and growing into his own personality.

But whatever the reason, it is a milestone. 

And he knows it too.

He reminds me often that he is not a baby anymore. He's excited about starting Kindergarten and ready to learn to read. He's ready to play "real soccer" (instead of the preschool soccer he's done for the last two years). He's eager to ride the school bus and do all sorts of "big boy" things.

My little guy is growing up.

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